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Hey there, I am a YouTuber named Zakaria Ghorfati, you can call me Zak. I have this new idea project about helping and supporting indie games and their devs, I review hundreds of games every single day, and I try to do my best to keep this daily where I pick the Top Best Games for that day. I am here to let you know your game made it amongst 125 games here on

I hope this can help and support you, join in to my YouTube channel & subscribe to see more content like this. This will also motivate me to keep doing this.


The whole team thanks you for the support, I am glad if you liked our game. The development of the project was not always easy during these 3 intense weeks but we are quite happy with the result. We will be watching your future indie game selections with attention. Thank you very much.

Must have been long busy 3 weeks. Thanks for all the team, you guys surely deserve some credits for this game, I hope the best for your future projects for sure.

jeu très cool et le style est incroyable !

Merci !