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You play as Vik' (aka - subject Zeta-4) an immortal soldier affected by "The Mark" in direct service to the powers that be. Your mission is simple, use the abilities at your disposal to eliminate the leader of a local criminal association, the Toreadors. In a 2D platformer full of pitfalls, you must use the power of "The Mark", the mastery of ink to achieve your goal.

This game was made for the final project of our first year at Pôle 3D in 4 months with GameMaker Studio 2.

The team

Gabin Bastard - Lead, Lead game designer



Baptiste Janusz - Lead level designer, Sound designer

Victor Gournay - Level designer


Julien Miternique - Lead programmer, Narrative designer

Ewan Caruso - Lead artist, Character designer, Environment artist, UI artist

Issakha Mbacke - Animator artist, VFX artist

Tiphaine Roncey - Character designer, Environment artist


Neonblood_V1.zip 51 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file.

2. Extract it in an other folder.

3. Launch the .exe file.

4. Have fun !


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